Effectiveness of Opioids for Pain Control is Questionable while Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation is Recommended

The opioid epidemic. It’s in the news. Pflugerville does not2 escape the opioid issue. Pflugerville Wellness Center knows some Pflugerville chiropractic patients with Pflugerville back pain struggle with opioids that were, at some point, prescribed to assist them in coping with their back pain and now want to be done with them. Pflugerville Wellness Center understands and is prepared to help Pflugerville back pain sufferers get relief without opioid drugs. The effectiveness of opioid drugs for control of Pflugerville back pain is questioned while spinal manipulation such as offered at Pflugerville Wellness Center is suggested.


Low back pain burdens its sufferers’ life. It is no wonder that a back pain sufferer wants a pill to get rid of the pain, a Pflugerville back surgery to get rid of the pain’s cause now.  Sometimes it is not that simple: the pill may have unwanted effects or the positive effects may not last very long; the surgery relief may not continue or resulted in an unexpected outcome. Pflugerville Wellness Center values the role of drugs for pain relief when needed, respects the part back surgery has in a Pflugerville back pain sufferer’s journey toward pain relief and a better quality of life. Pflugerville Wellness Center also offers complementary care to those back pain relief options and, for some Pflugerville back pain sufferers, back surgery prevention in addition to post-back surgery rehab and Pflugerville back pain relief.


A recent Cochrane data review of randomized clinical trials on the effectiveness of opioids and other drugs for chronic low back pain concluded that the effectiveness is poor. Opioids’ effects on pain reduction and function improvement are small to moderate and short-lasting versus placebo. The side effects, serious ones for those who use strong opioids for a long period of time, were usual. (1) Some patients react better to drug therapies than others. Researchers found it hard to figure out just how effective drugs like oxycodone and clobazam and imipramine will be for which chronic low back pain patient. (2) Pflugerville Wellness Center figures out each Pflugerville back pain patient who seeks for Pflugerville chiropractic care and sets the appropriate treatment plan to secure some back pain relief.


Patients choose back surgery often expecting quick pain relief that will stop the need for pain control drugs. Researchers checked into this idea and found that many back pain sufferers who were prescribed opioids before surgery expected that surgery would eliminate the need for opioids. Reality shows that of 2491 adults who underwent lumbar fusion back surgery, 1045 used long-term opioids before surgery, and 1094 needed opioids afterwards. Of the pre-operative opioid patients, 77.1% continued using them long-term, 13.8% occasionally, and just 9.1% discontinued or consumed them short-term afterward. 34.4% continued with a lower dose, but 44.8% continued with a higher dose. Of those who did not take any opioids before back surgery, 12.8% became long-term users.  What was the bottom line? What do patients need to know who are considering Pflugerville back surgery as the ultimate answer to their Pflugerville back pain? Lumbar fusion back surgery seldom ended the long-term opioid use and heightened the risk of starting their use afterwards.  Patient expectations of pain reduction and opioid use reduction need to be reexamined. (3)


Researchers strive to create guidelines for back pain relief treatment. These guidelines state that non-effective treatments should be avoided (systemic corticosteroids, TENS, traction, electrical muscle stim, benozodiazepines, botulinum toxin injection, etc.) and suggest that clinicians teach and encourage patients, advise them to stay active and perform self-care. Acute back pain patients can choose exercise, manual therapy, heat, and NSAIDS. Chronic back pain patients can use exercise, yoga, manual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, rehabilitation, etc. Radicular back pain patients may choose exercise, spinal manipulation, NSAIDs.  (4) Pflugerville chiropractic care at Pflugerville Wellness Center  fits these guidelines. Pflugerville Wellness Center presents a Pflugerville chiropractic treatment plan of spinal manipulation with Cox Technic, exercise, rehab, and more.

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Schedule you Pflugerville chiropractic appointment now with Pflugerville Wellness Center. Opioids are not the only way to deal with Pflugerville back pain, particularly Pflugerville chronic low back pain. Pflugerville Wellness Center offers hope for chronic low back pain relief to Pflugerville back pain sufferers wanting to avoid or escape the opioid epidemic.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation at Pflugerville Wellness Center is worthwhile over opioids for back pain control. 
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